I’m back from the abyss…

Sorry I sort of fell off the map there for, oh, almost a year. I could give you guys a lot of excuses, but you don’t want to hear it, so I’ll just try to do better. I’m going to attempt to make a good post sometime in the second half of the week, if my travel schedule allows, and I hope someone, somewhere enjoys it.

So you want to move to Canada, eh?

"Wow, that flag's really red. Does that mean they're all Republicans up there?"In the wake of the just-completed Presidential election, why is it that I see so many disappointed conservatives threatening to move to Canada? Do they think the move will somehow allow them to escape from the evils of higher taxes, universal healthcare, and gay marriage? I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but before making that decision final, I’d like to present a few facts some people are apparently unaware of.

Canada has universal health care

If you’re hoping to escape from universal health care, abandon all hope. It’s just not happening unless you want to move to a third-world country. All other industrialized nations in the entire world have some form of universal health care. There’s just nowhere to go to get away from it.

Canada has higher taxes

The cash isn’t always greener on the other side, folks. Canada’s taxes (as a percentage of GDP) are about 5-6 percent higher than those in the USA. Just looking at this table, and sorting by 2012 rates, I can’t imagine wanting to live in any of the countries with lower tax rates than those in the United States.

Canada has same-sex marriage

Since 2005 (or even earlier in most provinces), Canadian law has viewed same-sex marriage the same as any marriage, ever. If you still refuse to live somewhere same-sex marriages are recognized, this table might help, but pickings are pretty slim. Afghanistan, maybe? Burkina Faso? Algeria? Take your pick.

In conclusion…

If you still want out of the United States, I hope you have fun with that. Just remember that every expatriate is one fewer vote for your side. If you don’t like the direction your country is headed, then maybe you could stick around and try to change things instead of running away.

Disclaimer: I don’t really care about which party is in charge, I would just prefer that people check the facts behind their hyperbole before they make themselves sound stupid.

Commenting and Spam *updated*

Pile of junk mail

This is what it feels like to read the comments here most mornings.

Updated November 24, 2012 – all changes are in italics, and I used strike-through instead of deleting anything I needed to remove.

I don’t mind, people. At least most link-bombers are less likely to troll. In fact, I enjoy a good laugh, and sometimes a non-sequitur is just what I need to get the ball rolling. If everyone was as polite as some of these guys with foreign-language SEO sites and MLM pyramid schemes to promote, the world would be a nicer place.

That said, please don’t be shocked or upset if your comment gets deleted the eleventh time you post a link to your money-making scheme if you’ve put absolutely no effort into it whatsoever. I’ll allow just about any even remotely reasonable comment that isn’t hateful, needlessly vulgar, or NSFW, but even my tolerance has its limits – if your comment is obviously gibberish, it’s not going to get approved. Have fun, try to engage each other in conversation, even give a shout-out to your business, I don’t care, but don’t dominate every single post’s comment thread with junk, please.

As an example of what I have to wade through, I’ve decided to approve of every single SFW comment on the post you’re reading right now.

What’s coming up… *updated*

I’d really like some feedback on the kinds of posts I have planned. So far I have some plans, but please let me know what you guys think about what’s coming up…

'Til the Shine Wears Off - live in Memphis

FC of TTSWO on stage

I’m doing an interview with west Tennessee’s own ‘Til the Shine Wears Off, discussing indie music, the songwriting process, recording, campus life, Midtown Memphis, and anything else that comes up. You can click here to here some music. Other interviews with indie bands are in the works, but not yet confirmed.

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